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Helping you see better again

Come to us for advice and reassurance during the adaptation to the new eye aid. We are always here for you.

We'll comfortably guide you through the entire process, whether you're choosing dioptric glasses, contact lenses or sunglasses for any purpose - for sports, as screen protection or against direct sunlight.

1/ You will be greeted by friendly and professional staff in our shops. You don't have to worry about not understanding any of the information.

2/ We are happy to listen to your wishes and requirements for improvement and protection of your eyesight. Also about the functionality, quality, price and style of your dream glasses.

3/ We have more than 2,000 models of glasses for all ages. We can help you choose eyeglasses, spectacle and contact lenses, low vision aids…

4/ We also perform eye examinations and apply contact lenses. We use the latest measurement technology, the DNEye scanner, to make customized lenses.

5/ We produce the order precisely. When we process your order, our main focus is on quality and accuracy. Each order goes through several output checks.

6/ When you receive the finished glasses, we will customize them for you. We will also offer cleaning products for glasses or contact lenses. We are looking forward to your visit.

Stop by casually for inspiration and take a look at our offer for yourself. Even if you're just looking for glasses as a fashion accessory with a timeless design.

10 reasons to have your measurements with us

  1. Vision testing by registered optometrists with harmonised procedures and trained according to the latest innovations in the field.
  2. 45 minutes of superior care.
  3. Measurements and glasses fitting under one roof, guaranteed good vision.
  4. Convenient ordering via online order calendar.
  5. Minimum waiting time for an appointment.
  6. Experiential 3D vision measurement at both Optika Richter branches.
  7. Individual adjustment of the measurement and recommendation of the optimal lens type.
  8. Revolutionary technology in the DNEye scanner measurement.
  9. Personal, informal approach.
  10. Additional examinations (up to 25 tests), vision training, measurements with an accuracy of 0.12 D.

Frequently asked questions about vision measurement:

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Why is colour sensitivity testing important?

Why is contrast sensitivity testing important?

Your experience with us will not end with your purchase. Look forward to long-term benefits for the whole family, discounts and perks.

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