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Overlaps not only in optometry

We cultivate our environment as well as our industry, and only choose for you what we truly believe in.

Whether it's supporting cultural activities, finding positive environmental benefits, looking after a space, or connecting with various projects across industry-specific communities - fashion, design, art, culture - we always feel we are part of something bigger.

As well as the long-term relationship with you, at Optika Richter we also care about:

Branch of optometry

Optika Richter is committed to the tradition of its own and of the entire field. At the same time, we continue to develop the field and stay at the cutting edge of innovation in optometry. Our range includes elegant, classic and functional eyewear as well as boldly distinctive models from carefully selected brands.

Cultural Life

Optika Richter is also involved in cultural activities as an integral and important part of our society. From music events, fashion shows, design festivals to theatre and cinema. Optika Richter also functions as a space for events and for connecting...

Public space

Optika Richter contributes to the cultivation of public space in the close and wider surroundings. We are aware of our relationship to the neighbourhood and the whole city in which we operate and perceive our role within this organism.


Optika Richter strives to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Through our actions we contribute to a better future for future generations. With this in mind, we choose our suppliers, train our employees and support thematic projects.

Selected brands

We will guide you to look exactly as you want and as your surroundings expect you to look.

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